What is Private Health Insurance in Germany?

In Germany, health insurance services are provided by both state health insurance and private health insurance companies. For every student and employee in Germany, health insurance is compulsory. Therefore, you cannot begin to work or study without having health insurance.

Doctors, medication and hospitals are very much costly in Germany, therefore it is essential that you cover yourself for illness and urgent situations. A considerable number of people don’t have any clue to the question: what is private health insurance in Germany?

There are two parallel health insurance arrangements in Germany:

State health insurance: It is being operated by the German government. The majority of German citizens and foreign nationals are bound to obtain state health insurance.

Private health insurance: This form of insurance might be selected in some particular circumstances. It usually provides an all-inclusive coverage. However, this is not beneficial for every individual.

More or less everybody can participate in the state health insurance programs, however, only a handful of people are permitted to exit this for a private health insurance policy.

Who Can Choose Private Health Insurance?

Theoretically, everyone cannot select private health insurance. As soon as you have left out from a state health insurance scheme, it is hard to return. Prior to making a decision, you must cautiously compare the pros and cons of the two systems.

If you have left the state health insurance scheme and are unable to return, the private health insurance companies would be compelled to provide you a basic tariff with equal fees as state health insurance from this year (2009).

Benefits of Private Health Insurance in Germany

Private health insurance in Germany offers the following benefits to the consumers:

  • Contributions are calculated on the basis of your risk profile and not on your earnings
  • Coverage offered are all-inclusive and encompass facilities like alternative treatment such as herbal therapy and acupuncture, private/semi-private hospitals, contact lenses and glasses and other interventions that are not covered by the state scheme.