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I said that this blog was about forex trading techniques in my previous post. There will be very few exceptions and here is one. The thing is that I listen to free online radio all the time. Why? Because I love music, but I do not have time to select songs or albums one by one. I’d rather have this done by someone who is even more passionnate with music than me, and this would be a DJ.

Luckily John Chow dot Com, a blog that helps you make money online is giving away plenty of cash through another wild radio contest. The prize pool is $4,000 and it is sponsored by, a radio streaming site. So I thought I would share this free radio with you while reviewing them.

Nowadays the Internet revolution includes radio websites which offer a station selection of hundreds of channels including all genres such as punk rock, classical or Hawaiian songs, etc. I used to listen to AOL Radio and, but the contest is a prefect opportunity for me to review another competing website. And if I like, it I will switch.

First thing first, the design and visuals are great. This is a  very enticing website with a simple menu consisting for the most part of radio genre selections. And this is what we want, no bs. They also have a section with articles, and another one called “Music History” which offers specific music from each of the past five decades.

To test the site effectiveness, I tryed to get a Reggae station. It is very fast to have reggae music in your ears. The menu is direct and quick, leading to a choice of various Reggae stations if this is what you are looking for. I picked “Rasta Reggae Music” from London and I am still listening to it. The sound quality is great.

Each time you start listening to a new channel, there is first a 20 seconds commercial. Yes this is free and you will never get a free radio without commercials, so it is fine.

A nice feature is that you can create a playlist where you keep all your favorite stations for instantaneous access.

Overall my experience with onlineradiostations so far is excellent and I am going to continue listening to their various radio stations, as the selection is wide. My taste as well. Try for yourself, it is free. You can submit site to improve your site ranking. We have joined under Forex Education and Trading Directory.

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