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Hello world!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Hello to the World Wide Web.

Trading Systems 4 FOREX is born today.

The name of this website makes it very clear what the topic of the content is. Two words. Trading systems and FOREX. FOREX is a well know word which stands for foreign exchange; it means currency exchange or currency trading. This activity is not the oldest profession on earth, usually it is another doctor or something like that…

Seriously as soon as two tribes with different currencies have met, thay had to find a  way to trade and to value their respective currencies with respect to the other. This was the first FOREX trade.  I will write a post about this memorable event later, but my guess is that this occurred in the Middle East about 5000 BC.

Anyway FOREX is a long story. The other word in the domain name is trading systems, two words in fact but they are together to mean one concept used in finance. The definition of a trading system is a quantified systematic method to trade.  A trading system relies on a mathematical equation or equations which dictate how each trade must be executed. Systematically, i.e. the rules are to be followed exactly. Otherwise if human intervention is allowed to make decisions, this is called discretionary trading.

So the primary focus of “tradingsystems4forex” is trading systems applied to forex. But there may be posts purely about FOREX or purely about trading systems.

I have been involved in finance since 1988. And I have intensely focused on trading systems since 1999. I guess I know the FOREX market since at least 1985 when I visited the USA from Europe. I was a student by then and the dollar was very expensive but my friend and me had decided to visit the USA and currency fluctuations were not part of our decision making process. So we had to each live with a total daily budget of $10 for a month. But this is another post as well.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. This will be about one of my main passions, forex trading systems.